About Us

Ekaaksh Innovations is the management consulting company where we evolve businesses through the latest consumer behavior, industry innovations & market demands. We team-up with the businesses and together we develop insights to act on and always believe in sustaining success with social elevation. 

We developed the theory of "The people first"

Creative neurons working with businesses and their aspects to help them grow stand out from the rest and build their products/services. The team extracts insights in full blue circle respective to client's business and applies thoughts based on data science as well as human behavior. Providing solutions to clients from strategy planning to effective execution of brand communication. We always bring measurable results to all of our clients.


What Ekaaksh Innovations Deals In

  • Measuring Proper Execution
  • Effective execution of planned solutions
  • Creative planning, designing, media, Planning and budgeting all summed here
  • Here we throttle our problem solving, creative and strategic approach and suggest solutions
  • Our team starts drilling the business be it sector, customer or competitor. Defining insights of various business aspects
  • This is where chemistry begins with business and its owners. We interview you, listen to you and connect to your story


What else Ekaaksh Innovations Does ?

  • Creative solutions to every aspect of the business, products, services and processes
  • Brand consultancy
  • Startup marketing and business consultancy
  • Creating strategic new media for your brand promotion
  • Using technology for effective execution as well as monitoring brand promotion activity
  • Innovative brand engagement or communication activity planning based on demography


We are problem solvers